Healthy & Hitched Program

GET HEALTHY & HITCHED with Robin Wilner, The Nutritious Yogini 

10 weeks of customized Yoga & Nutrition coaching leading up to your Wedding Day. Get ready to turn planning overwhelm into joy & great health!


Start your new life together as your best Self!

  • Look & feel fabulous in your dress
  • Have radiant skin for your photos
  • Feel calm & patient with vendors
  • Tackle your to-do lists with energy 
  • Sleep peacefully & wake up refreshed


Hi! I’m Robin Wilner, certified yoga instructor and holistic nutritionist with a passion for moving mindfully and eating consciously. Planning a wedding can feel like trying to stand still in a tidal wave. I know…I've planned one. As The Nutritious Yogini, I believe in a deep connection between mind, body, and spirit. My goal is to help you feel healthier and happier leading up to one of the most cherished moments of your life by combining the ancient practices of yoga and meditation with conscious eating. So let's work together to release any anxiety you might be feeling and replace it with a sense of steadiness and ease. Because you deserve to feel like an extraordinary bride from the inside out!


 Initial 60-minute goal setting session  

Customized nutrition program with 1:1 check-ins

 (5) Guided meditation practices

(5) Vinyasa Yoga practices  

(2) Yin & Restorative Yoga practices  

BONUSES: *Tips for using essential oils to uplift or calm *Unlimited email support for the entire program  


"Months before my wedding, I couldn’t sleep more than three hours at a time and felt bloated and sluggish most days. Running on coffee and adrenaline had become the norm. Then I found Robin’s program - what a relief! Her positive outlook on life is infectious, and she had just the right mix of yoga and nutrition tips that gave me a focused goal. Most mornings, I used the guided meditations and then mixed different yoga classes each week into my daily routine. She helped me clear my kitchen of the 'junk' that was blasting my energy and replaced it with foods that kept me energized and focused during the day, then sleeping peacefully at night. Our wedding day started with a one-on-one yoga class for me and my groom separately, so we could enter the adventure with a clear head and open heart. I felt so present for every precious moment, thanks to Robin’s loving guidance. Thank you!" - Alexis R. 


  •  Tips to shop and pack your fridge with the most nourishing foods for your body
  • Help reading labels, understanding the benefits of whole foods and macronutrient combos
  •  Meal timelines, when/how much to exercise, ideal times for rest and relaxation 
  • Tips for eating out and staying healthy during parties and events 
  • Nightly rituals for better sleep
  •  Yoga and meditation practices to keep mood and emotions in balance
  • Essential oil recommendations to uplift, motivate, ground, or relax you  


"Robin laid out a simple and accessible plan that I could follow, and we built on that over the time we worked together. Almost immediately I began to see results, feeling less bloated and more energetic. My fiancé - now husband! - even noticed how much calmer I became on the phone to our vendors. Robin was easy to talk to, friendly and encouraging, and so knowledgeable. She will hold you accountable, especially if you're like me and need a little extra push once in a while. Thank you! - Sara K. 

"What a special gift to work with Robin so closely before my wedding, as she has been my yoga teacher for the last few years. She is an uncanny combination of soothing and light-hearted, a seasoned teacher with wisdom to share, and her easy laughter is contagious! My favorite part was the class she designed for my bridal party on the morning of the wedding, which we did in a garden of the venue overlooking the ocean. She customized the class to suit the wide range of yogis - from my 65-year-old beginner mom to my sister the athlete. It put me in the perfect headspace for my day, transforming the jitters into healthy excitement. Robin was a wonderful addition to my entire planning process, and I’d highly recommend her to any bride who wants self-care practices before the craziness really begins!" - L.arkin B.


There are 5 elements of our lives that must be in balance in order to feel vibrant and healthy: how we eat, move, breathe, hydrate, and sleep.

 With this FREE e-guidebook, get the essential tools for maximizing your health and mindset before your Big Day. Learn to eat consciously, move mindfully, breathe deeply, hydrate generously, and sleep peacefully.

Plus, find solutions for your symptoms - like anxiety, belly bloat, brain fog, exhaustion, irritability, and more!



Let's hop on a 20 minute phone call so you can tell me about your needs. I'll share a few holistic nutrition and yoga tips, and then we can decide if the Healthy & Hitched Program is the right fit for you!


  • Feeling fabulous in your body
  • Peaceful sleep and refreshed mornings
  • Calm & patient moods while planning
  • Clearer focus & boundless energy for your to-do lists 
  • Radiant skin in your photos


Want to experience a Magical Morning on your wedding day? Enjoy a 1:1 guided meditation, juicy vinyasa class, and a delicious and nutritious brunch for you and/or your bridal party!