Self Care Cleanse


Want to start living as your most vibrant Self? Move mindfully, eat consciously, and gain life-changing habits using Robin's 6-week customized yoga and nutrition program. 

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  Say "goodbye, bloat and burnout!" And say "hello, balanced body and blissful mind!"

What To Expect

  • Weekly 1:1 nutrition video calls 
  • 7-day Full Body Revival
  • Personalized meal plans and timeline
  • Grocery lists and recipes
  • Vitamin & mineral recommendations
  • 7 pre-recorded yoga classes 
  • 5 audio meditations  
  • Specialized essential oil blends ...and more...

This cleanse is for you if...

YOU feel bloated and uncomfortable in your body

YOU are exhausted often, crash midday, or rely on caffeine

YOU wish you could lose a few stubborn pounds

YOU want radiant, glowing skin

YOU crave boundless energy and restful sleep

YOU have trouble motivating yourself to stick with new habits

YOU seek more calm, less stress and more work/life balance

YOU are ready to make a change to your physical and mental health for life!

Move Mindfully. Eat Consciously. 

Hi! I'm Robin Wilner...The Nutritious Yogini...

I'm a certified yoga instructor and holistic nutritionist with a passion for moving mindfully and eating consciously. I can't live without almond butter or avocados and especially love walks on the beach and swimming in the ocean. But what I love most is helping people feel their best from the inside out.

I believe in a deep connection between mind, body, and spirit and will strive to help you choose the right foods for your individual needs and experience movement and meditation practices that inspire creativity, enhance wellbeing and encourage peace of mind.

Every single day, we can feel stressed out or overwhelmed. With so many to-dos on your list, imagine if you had someone making you a grocery list and meal plans for the week! Food is medicine, and I will help you nourish your body using an approach that considers your biochemical individuality. 

And on top of it all, imagine yourself meditating daily and practicing yoga from the comforts of home, with a range of practices for when you want to feel uplifted and energized or calm and replenished.

Let's build a program together that is catered to your individual needs, so that you can start living as your most vibrant self! 


"I'd never felt called to invest in nutrition until I met Robin, who lovingly helped me see how much I had been neglecting my health. Feeling exhausted and bloated had become my normal. But in just a few weeks, my relationships with food and my body have completely transformed! My belly bloat is gone, my energy is so high I've given up coffee (what?!), I'm sleeping through the night, and I can SEE the difference in how my clothes fit. Even better, my overall mental health has improved tremendously. Diet is so important. And as a recovering sugar addict, my gut and mind are now happier than ever. - Krista L.



Learn the Basics

Begin by setting your goals and intentions for longterm health. How do you want to feel in your body, mind, and spirit? What does it mean to you to be healthy? You will learn how to make smart and balanced food choices, what timeline is best for you to eat daily, and how best to stay hydrated.


Start to practice yoga daily with 7 curated asana practices (one for each day of the week) and 5 audio meditations. 

WEEK 2 & 3

Develop a Personalized Program

Track your meals and emotional responses, discern which food combinations are most nutrient dense and how to relieve your primary symptoms, supplement with micronutrients that support your vitality. The best diet plan is a lifestyle that is easy and attainable, so we'll look closely at your challenges and find simple solutions together.


Continue your discipline of daily yoga practice and track your progress.

WEEKS 4 & 5

7-Day Full Body Revival

Take the knowledge you've gained and prepare your body to integrate new habits that will deeply cleanse your system. Over the course of 7 days, you'll eliminate triggering foods, clearing your organs and tissues of toxic overload and replenishing your life force. Digestion will improve, your skin will radiate, sleep will be more peaceful, and energy levels will skyrocket. You will repeat this detox for an additional week while setting additional goals.


Follow the 7-day yoga program to keep up your momentum and maintain the discipline of daily practice.


Set Lifetime Goals

Having completed the elimination diet for two weeks, you now have the tools and data to create a blueprint for a lifestyle of healthy habits. The goals we set together going forward will be aligned with your original intentions, setting you up for a successful relationship with food and your unique nutritional needs.


Your daily yoga sadhana has nurtured your body and mind as sources of strength and vitalty. We'll set goals for how to maintain a home practice and continue on this healing path.

"Robin's classes are so inspiring! Just the right mix of sweaty and spiritual. I'm so grateful to be able to practice yoga from home, and I even take the meditations with me to listen to on my commute to work." - Marianne V.

"The 7-day Detox is a game-changer. I've been lifting more at the gym and running faster than ever. My energy is up, skin is clear, and my wife loves how creative I've become with cooking nutritious meals for us." - Clay R.


What you'll get...

  • Weekly 1:1 nutrition video calls 
  • 7-day Full Body Revival
  • Personalized meal plans and timeline
  • Grocery lists and recipes
  • Vitamin & mineral recommendations
  • 7 pre-recorded yoga classes 
  • 5 audio meditations  
  • Specialized essential oil blends 


For most, it's literally priceless.

But for the one-time low cost of $999, you'll get a personalized 6-week program with lots of expert advice, tips and practices to gain full control over your health and wellness for a lifetime!

We'll also design the program to fit with your daily lifestyle, so you can feel balanced and whole under any circumstances.

Rest assured you'll have the blueprint from this Self Care Cleanse for a lifetime, with no hidden fees down the road.  

Enjoy unlimited access to all the yoga videos and audio meditations to play on any device at your convenience.  

I look forward to working with you!  


Self Care Cleanse

only $999!